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Omega Flowers is the largest flower delivery company in the world. In the Russian market, Omega Flowers is the unique service that can completely save you from all the complexities arising from the purchase and delivery of flowers to Moscow and other Russian cities.


We'll take care of the timely delivery of cargo, full documentary support (collection and preparation of documents), customs clearance, strict compliance with the temperature regime, control of cargo at all stages of delivery, fixed order cost and other necessary points to carry out quality and reliable cargo transportation. Your task is to select the goods and specify the destination.


Flower market is our cup of tea, so we know all about the dynamics, news, chops and changes. This means that we respond quickly to changes in the market in both positive and negative cases. Thus, using the services of our company, you minimize possible risks, and together with us will be aware of the latest news and changes in the field of flower business.


Our service is reliable, safe, convenient and easy to use. Our work is transparent - you can find out all the necessary information and a preliminary cost before placing the order. Also, using any of our services you can independently control the processes that are the part of the execution of this service. For example, if you order the delivery of flowers, you can any time find out at which stage of delivery your order is.


You do not have to worry about the safety, confidentiality and security of your documents and data - our company uses the latest software to ensure the reliable storage of your files. All processes are extremely simplified (without loss of efficiency), so you spend as little time and effort as possible to process documents and order.


Omega Flowers Corporation consists of: Direct Sales Flowers - flower distribution centers, Cargo Flowers - flowers delivery service to anywhere in the world, Florint Money - electronic wallet and Flora.Market - unique trading space, working together. Our companies take on responsible for your order, your peace of mind and save your time.


Direct Sales Flowers has already opened distribution and fulfillment centers in Aalsmeer and Moscow. The company's goal is to found distribution centers in each country. The secret of Direct Sales Flowers' popularity is in reciprocity between the plantation and the customer - it is carried out without intermediaries. Reliability, transparency and accessibility are the main principles of Direct Sales Flowers.


Cargo Flowers provides flower cross-border transportation services by air, sea and road transport. Distance and complexity of the order is not a problem for us – we will take care of everything. Cargo Flowers’ team knows all the minute details of flowers delivery as well as everything about the competent and careful attitude to the cargo. That’s why we guarantee the well-timed delivery of flowers in perfect condition.


Flora.Market is a unique trading space for flower market professionals. They don't want to pay intermediaries, resellers and other third parties for manipulations related to the purchase of flowers, their delivery, documentary support and many other flower export complexities.


Florint Money is a company that developed a unique product - a secure electronic system of mutual settlements between the participants of the flower market. The advantages of our system are a low commission for transaction and a favorable exchange rate. Florint Money will help you to spend your money thriftily, and also take care of the safety of your finances and your peace of mind.

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«The main thing in flowers is pleasure. That's why we take care of all the difficulties connected with their purchase, delivery and documentary support. Omega Flowers saves your time, money and serenity, because reliability, quality and advertence are the most important values of the corporation.» Omega Flowers